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Human Rights Organization in Al-Jazeera: “SNA” must be classified at terrorism lists

theTurkish occupation and its mercenaries violate the international laws and agreements concluded for a cease-firet in the region, and as a result of this aggression against NE, Syria that caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians, the displaced people are demanding to return to their homes with international guarantees and placing the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation on the list of terrorism.

The co-chair of the Human Rights Organization in Al-Jazeera region, Avin Jumah, has indicated that the Turkish attack on NE, Syria has killed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians.

A report on humanitarian organizations in NE, Syria reported catastrophic figures regarding public and humanitarian damages as a result of the Turkish attack, as at least 478 civilians were killed, 1,070 were injured, 300,000 families were displaced, and 810 schools were closed.

Avin Jumah, noted that the wave of displacement caused a humanitarian crisis, and all of these displaced people need urgent humanitarian assistance because they do not have the daily necessities, and continued, “Despite the tragic conditions in which the displaced people live, the humanitarian organizations have not provided them with any assistance yet.”

Mercenaries supported by the Turkish occupation, so-called the “Syrian National Army”, committed many war crimes against the people in the areas they occupied from Serêkaniyê /Ras-al-Ain and Girê Spî/ Tal Abyad, including the murder of the Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party, Hevrin Khalaf, her comrades and the medical staff returning The Kurdish Red Crescent.

Avin Jumah indicated that, as a human rights organization made up of a group of human rights activists, they document these cases and violations, and said: “We are studying the legal situation of the displaced, in order to file cases in international courts to demand their rights and return them to their homes.”

Avin Jumah has called to return the displaced to their homes and stop the violations against them with international guarantees, and said: “Every person who causes war crimes against civilians must be tried.”

At the end of her speech, the co-chair of the Human Rights Organization in the Al-Jazeera region, Avin Jumah, she appealed international countries and humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to the displaced, and put the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and what so-called of the “Syrian National Army” in the lists of global terrorism because of horrible massacres.”

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