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” Ethnic Genocide, Demographic Change in N, E Syria Forum” begins

The events of the ‘Ethnic Genocide and Demographic Change in Northern and Eastern Syria’ forum, which is held by the Rojava Center for Strategic Studies (NRLS), were launched in the hall of the Aram Tikran Center for Culture and Art in the town of Rumailan, with the participation of 115 delegates from different regions of north and east Syria.

Under the moto (Ethnic Genocide and Demographic Change in North and East Syria, “Agendas, Implications, and Confrontation Strategies”), the Rojava Center for Strategic Studies NRLS holds a dialogue forum at the Aram Tikran Center for Culture and Art in the town of Rumilan in the Qamishlo canton.

115 delegates from various regions of northern and eastern Syria will participate in the forum, in addition to specialists and academics in the field of human rights and international laws, and representatives of various civil institutions and political parties.

The proceedings of the conference started a moment ago with a minute of silence, followed by the opening speech on behalf of the Rojava Center for Strategic Studies delivered by the researcher and member of the center Nazir Saleh who initially welcomed all the participants. The Turkish fascist regime headed by Erdogan chose to ally with the brutal organization, and neither he nor his party and his racist regime overlooked this terrorist organization with any help and support, but the Turkish soldier fights with the ISIS shoulder to shoulder, trying to exterminate the components of northern and eastern Syria, and bush every special component of the Kurdish component, just as the Armenians, Syrians, Greeks and Arabs were exterminated to restore the glories of his faded empire under the blows of peoples, this empire, which for centuries was founded on the skulls and bodies of the peoples of the region similar to those of its predecessors, murderers.

According to the program, a member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Society Movement, Fawza Al-Youssef, will deliver a speech before the start of the forum’s sessions.

The forum program includes a series of lectures distributed over three sessions interspersed with attendance interventions.

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