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After sit-in in city’s center, al-Raqqa women continued their sit-in in al-Kesrat

After the sit-in of al-Raqqa city’s women for two days, the tent was installed in the Agricultural School in the town of al-Kesrat, south of al-Raqqa city, in which dozens of women from al-Raqqa and its countryside and members of the civil and military institutions participated, and it witnessed the visit of delegations from al-Tabqa and Deir ez-Zor.

The sit-in began on Monday with holding a minute of silence in tribute to the souls of the martyrs, after which a short film was shown, which narrated the events that took place in Syria since the outbreak of the crisis and ISIS’ occupation of al-Raqqa city to its liberation at the hands of SDF.

During the sit-in each of the administrative member in the Women Council in al-Raqqa southern countryside Maryam al-Jarf and the co-chair of the People’s Council in al-Kesrat Thuraya al-Khalil confirmed through their words that the fascist Erdogan’s government was striving to strike the project of the democratic nation experienced by the peoples of the north and east of Syria after the expulsion of Daesh from there and the achievement of security and stability in it. In addition to that, women were targeted primarily, especially as they had attained the freedom, independence and leadership in all fields.

The speeches also recalled the horrific massacre which had been committed a few weeks ago against Afrin displaced children in Tel Rifaat, and other massacres that the international community still ignored without a clear stance to be taken against Turkey and its crimes.

The words affirmed that the peoples of northern and eastern Syria rejected any presence of Turkey and its mercenaries on the Syrian lands, whatever were the pretexts and allegations, and that they were adhering to the resistance until the enemy would be expelled from every inch of the Syrian territories, and the return of the displaced to their cities and villages safely.

After the words were over, Baraem al-Tufula (Childhood Sprouts) Band in al-Raqqa performed a theatrical performance in which they expressed their solidarity with the children of Tel Rifaat.

Furthermore, the participants continued to flock towards the sit-in tent until the end of the day.

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