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Sara Organization: Syrian National Army must be listed at international terrorism

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries including the remnants of Jabhet al-Nusra and ISIS, under the so-called Syrian National Army, have launched their attacks against the north and east of Syria, since October 9, and the Syrian National Army mercenaries have committed several war crimes against the people of the region, including the murder of politician Hevrin Khalaf in October 12 in the past, the 3-member medical crew was killed in Girê spi in October 21, and the body of the fighter, Amara Renas, was mutilated, as well as looting, pillaging and destruction of people’s property.

The voices of civil and human rights organizations and the people of the northern and eastern regions of Syria have recently raised the necessity of placing the National Army on the lists of international terrorism. In this regard, the administrator in Sara Organization for Combating Violence against Women Mona Abdel Salam explains: “The Turkish army and its mercenaries, the so-called Syrian National Army, launched an attack on the region, and first targeted the free woman’s will.”

Mona Abdel Salam explained: “During the Turkish attack, the Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, Hevrin Khalaf, was targeted, and this is evidence of their targeting of the free will of women.”

The administrator of Sara Organization for Combating Violence against Women Mona Abdel Salam called the United Nations and the bodies concerned with protecting and defending the rights of women to put the so-called Syrian National Army on the lists of global terrorism, and indicated that their practice of killing, displacing and destroying villages and cities and field executions is contrary to all international covenants and agreements.

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