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YPJ’s fighters represnt free women’s will

During the revolution of NE,Syria YPJ play poineer role whether on the level of defending for the woman and  their rights ,or on the level of defending for the cities and villages in NE, Syria against attacks of mercenaries gangs..

Women’s Protection Units YPJ gained the confidence of women in various areas of NE, Syria, and they became a role model for women’s struggle worldwide.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with number of al-Hasakah city’s women, who talked about the YPJ’s role, stressing that they will stand alongside with the fighters.

The Head of al-Hassakeh branch of the Syriac Women Union, Elham Metly, said that the struggle of the YPJ led to major develpoments in the reality of women.

“In recent years, we witnessed a remarkable and considerably developments among women. Since the beginning of the revolution, women have participated in the fight against mercenary gangs. During Rojava revolution, the women achievedd great sacrifises, which would be immortalized in history’s pages.

Elham Metly also touched upon the women fighters who were martyred during Rojava revolution “they struggled within greart confiedenc and faith, in particular in the battelfields and also the women who fought in the political fields.

And Elham Metly apealed at the end her spaech all women to join to YPJ rows.

Women must be joined to YPJ rows

A member of the Relations Office in the Syrian Women Council Makiah Hasso talked about the struggling and fightining of the women during the revolution ,and said “since the beginning of the revolution and untill our current  day ,they rejected the occupation and struggled against it, and we saw the women in front lines in the battles against ISIS, and the women worked hard to organize their ranks and establishment YPJ.

Makiah noted that the establishment of the Women’s Protection Units gave women the determination and morale, and added, “When I see a fighter of the Women’s Protection Units, I feel proud. The whole world was afraid of ISIS mercenaries, but the mercenaries were afraid to confront YPJ. When one of fighter was being martyred, the mercenaries were mutilating on her body, and we know very well that these practices are the result of their fear of the will of women.

And Makiah noted that  despite  all this brutal and unhuman acts the women organization grow up and refinforced day after day “YPJ  in tthe current day turned to a symbol(example) for all women world , and we in our turn we say that YPG they are not alone , we all with YPJ,and all the women must join to YPJ.


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