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Women of North-East Syria rally in solidarity with the YPJ

Actions continue in Rojava to mark the international day for the elimination of violence against women, November 25.  Today, solidarity demonstrations for Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) have taken place in numerous cities in Northern and Eastern Syria. Thousands of women on the streets expressed their support for the YPJ and condemned Turkey’s war of aggression. The actions took place under the motto “Violence is occupation! Let us defeat the occupation and fascism”.


During the demonstrations in Qamishlo, Girkê Legê, Til Hemis, Tirbespiyê, Dêrik, Hol, Kobanê and Til Temir the Syrian Future Party’s Havrin Khalaf, murdered by Turkish-backed gangs, and the YPJ fighters who died in the resistance against the Turkish invasion were commemorated.


The Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) were founded in Rojava on April 4, 2013. They became internationally known mainly through their resistance in Kobanê. Women in many countries of the Middle East and beyond – from Afghanistan to Europe, North America and Latin America – felt inspired by the YPJ’s successful struggle against the savage ISIS gangs, previously considered invincible.  The ISIS was seen as the most open expression of the patriarchal system in which women are murdered and raped daily in all parts of the world and the will of women is broken in brutal or subtle ways. The women of the YPJ have shown with their determined struggle that women’s will for freedom is stronger than the brutality and weapons of the patriarchal system.


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