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Panel of Rojava Women’s Revolution in Toulouse

TJK-E organized a panel on “Rojava women’s revolution” in Toulouse.

Speakers at the panel explained how the Rojava Revolution came about, how it was established under the leadership of women and how the issues concerning women were addressed.

The panel, attended by TJK-F Foreign Relations Spokesperson Hazal Karakuş, also discussed increasing violence against women in the world. Noting that violence against women cannot be handled independently from power, Karakuş said that capitalist modernity and nation-state are based on the concept of power.

In her speech at the pane,l attended by many feminist institutions, Karakuş emphasized that Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan, said that “people liberation can only be possible with the freedom of women”, and emphasized that Rojava Revolution saw in Jineoloji the paradigm Women’s Liberation.

Reminding that this year is the 41st anniversary of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, Hazal Karakuş said that women should come together and lead the new struggles for a new world.

The panel was joined by many women’s liberation movements and organisations in France; Anarchist Feminists, Ecologist Feminists, World Women’s March, L’union Syndicale Solidaire, Sud-education.

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