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Human Rights Organization: 1200 cases of violence against women in Afrin since occupation

In conjunction with the International Day against Violence against Women, areas that the Turkish state and its mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria are the center of attention, where statistics of human rights organizations and media reports indicate the escalation of violations against society in general and against women in particular.

1,200 cases of violence, including 60 cases of rape since the occupation of Afrin

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have committed various forms of violations against civilians in Afrin since its occupation in March 2018. According to human rights organizations, the violations included murder, kidnapping, torture, forced displacement, in addition to looting.

Women and children are among the most vulnerable to various forms of violence. According to the human rights organization in Afrin, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have committed at least 1,200 cases of violence against women since the occupation of Afrin, including 40 cases of murder and 60 cases of rape, in addition to 100 cases of women were injured, and more than 1000 cases of forced abduction.

Violence against women has profound social and psychological effects on women and society at large, increasing the incidence of suicides. The organization has so far documented five suicides among women. Many cases of harassment, sexual violence and rape cannot be formally documented because victims are reluctant to disclose them.

Documented cases constitute only 30 percent of all cases of violence

A member of the Human Rights Organization of the Afrin canton, Hahan Ali, told Hawar News Agency that the documented cases represent only 30% of the total violations and cases of violence against women in Afrin.

The Turkish occupation mercenary groups impose unfair laws that restrict women’s freedom in Afrin, including forcing them to wear certain clothes, preventing them from leaving the house, and other abuses, she said.

Hanan Ali appealed to international humanitarian organizations and human rights organizations to break their silence about the violations, member of Kongra Star of Afrin canton Zahriban Hussein, in turn, condemned the violence and violations against women.

She called on women to work, and to increase awareness, training and organization so that they can respond to violence against them.




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