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Politicians: Turkish invasion purpose to displace people who defeated ISIS

Politicians women in Aleppo said that the Turkish invasion of northern and eastern Syria has a number of objectives, most notably striking at the democratic project and peoples’ fraternity, displacing all the peoples who joined in defeating ISIS, and replacing them with mercenary families in an effort to demographic change.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra launched attacks on northern and eastern Syria on October 9, and continue to commit massacres and crimes against civilians and displace them from their homes. In this regard, ANHA monitored the views of politicians from members of the Future Syria Party and the Syrian Democratic Council SDC.

A member of the Office of Relations in the Syrian Democratic Council SDC, Fatima Husaino, pointed out that the invasion of the recent Turkish aggression was aimed at striking the project of coexistence and peoples ‘fraternity of northern and eastern Syria, and the displacement of all peoples that fought ISIS from their homes and replaced them with mercenary families in an effort to demographic change.

“Erdogan claims that he wants to preserve his national security by invading northern and eastern Syria! But why didn’t he say this when ISIS had controlled this border area for years? Was ISIS the guarantor of its national security then?

Sakina Mohammed, a member of the Syrian Democratic Council SDC, noted that the Turkish occupation began to accelerate the attacks on northern and eastern Syria in conjunction with the demand of the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA and the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF to establish an international tribunal to try the ISIS detainees. This raised the concerns of Erdogan, who rushed to launch attacks in an attempt to release ISIS.

Meanwhile, a member of the Future Syria Party of Aleppo branc, Estefan Hammdosh said: “The aim of these attacks is to hit the democratic project and the state of security and stability enjoyed by the region, unlike the security chaos in the occupied territories of Turkey from Jarablus to Afrin.”

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