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Women’s Living Forest’’ is established

Sur Municipality Women’s Assembly members, planted 390 plants for “Women’s Living Forest’’ in Karacali neighborhood and drew attention to the massacres of women.
Sur Municipality Women’s Assembly members organized a planting activity in Karaçalı (Tilelo) Neighborhood as part of the 25th International Day against Violence against Women. The members of Sur Municipality Women’s Assembly, Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA) and Rosa Women’s Association attended the event.
In the area called “Women’s Living Forest’’, women planted 390 plants in honor of 390 women killed this year. Women put purple ribbons on the plants planted.
‘We will grow up new lives’
Sur Municipality Council Member Ruşen Tayfun spoke at the event saying that they will create new plants and lives dedicated to the slaughtered women, and that the area planted will  transform into a forest. Reminding that 390 women were massacred in the first 10 months of 2019, Ruşen said, “We will plant 390 plants to represent these figures. You can’t end a life by killing a woman. We will create new plants and new lives to represent that life. ”
Rusen said that they would continue the struggle against violence against women in every field.

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