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Journalists Melike Aydin and Ruken Demir arrested

Our reporter Melike Aydın and MA reporter Ruken Demir who were detained two days ago within the scope of the operation organized by the Public Chief Prosecutor’s Office were arrested.
Our reporter Melike and Mesopotamia Agency (MA) reporter Ruken were detained within the scope of the operation organized by İzmir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office on 12 November. Journalists Ruken and Melike, who were referred to the court yesterday, were arrested by the 1st  Penal Court of Peace on charges of “conducting activities on behalf of the organization’’ Arrested female journalists were transferred to Izmir Aliaga Sakran Women’s Closed Prison. Selma Altan, Mazlum Koç, Ramazan Yavuz, Sait Bahadır, Murat Tufan, İsmail Akbay, Şeyhmus Dağhan, Hasan Hayri Dikilitaş, Hediye Tekin were arrested while Mehmet Gergin was released with ban over abroad.
 We don’t recognize the decision
The  ’TUHAY-DER Co-Chair Ahmet Ertaş, who made a brief statement in front of the courthouse, highlighted that the trial was conducted under the control of AKP and was not fair. Stating that they will not accept the oppression to their members, Ahmet said they would not submit to the oppression. Pointing to the unlawfulness of the arrest warrant, Ahmet said, “We do not recognize this decision’’ and requested for his friends to be released immediately.

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