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Women from South Kurdistan in Rojava for support

A delegation of women from South Kurdistan arrived in Rojava to support the resistance against the invasion.

A women’s delegation from South Kurdistan (Bashur) went to Rojava on Sunday via the Sêmalka border crossing. The delegation consists of twelve female politicians, journalists and activists who support the resistance of the population of Northern and Eastern Syria against Turkey’s war of invasion and want to visit institutions of self-administration.

The delegation consists of representatives of RJAK (Organisation of Free Women – Kurdistan), the grassroots organisation of the women’s movement in Bashur, the Kurdish Women’s Relations Office (REPAK) based in Sulaymaniyah, women’s institutions in Zerdesht and politicians of Tevgera Azadî and the Party for a Political Solution in Kurdistan (Partiya Çareseriya Demokratik a Kurdistanê, PÇDK).

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