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Rebak Org member: We came from Başûr to support Resistance of Dignity

Wejdan Noureddine called on all women to rise up in the face of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and demanded to prosecute those who targeted Hevrin Khalaf, who was considered a symbol of the unity of the components and peoples of northern and eastern Syria.

A female delegation from Başûr (South Kurdistan) arrived at Rojava crossing Semalka border to express solidarity with the Resistance of Dignity against the Turkish occupation and with Rojava Revolution which represents free women.

The delegation included 21 women activists and media professionals from Başûr (South Kurdistan), including Dr. Wejdan Noureddine; the member of Rebak Women Organization, and Najiba Omer; the former co-chair of the Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party, Awaz Nizamuddin; the official in Zardasht Center, and the head of al-Sulaimaniya Municipality Council for the Freedom Movement Shahin Mohammed and the journalist Jino Mahmoud.

During their existence at Semalka crossing, ANHA interviewed the political activist Wejdan Noureddine.

In the beginning of her speech, she said, “We bow to the greatness of the martyrs who martyred in Rojava in defense of the dignity and freedom of the people of the region.”

Wejdan noted, “The aim of the women delegation to Rojava is to support the resistance of Rojava residents who stood against the Turkish war machine. And our main demand is to cease the fire by the Turkish occupation, impose air ban on NE Syria in addition to trying the mercenaries who mutilated the corpse of the martyr Hevrin Khalaf, the General Secretary of the Future Syria Party.”

Wejdan pointed out that the martyrdom of the martyr Hevrin in this brutal way was to target the free and militant women.

Wejdan considered that the attacks targeted women in northern and eastern Syria and their brutal ways in killing them as the methods of the capitalist countries that stood in the way of women’s freedom. She said, “So all women have to stand together against the practices that violate women’s rights.”

Wejdan stressed that the resistance of women in northern and eastern Syria was stronger than the authoritarian and capitalist regimes. She continued, “What attracted us to visit Rojava was the sacrifices of women in northern and eastern Syria because they represented Rojava Revolution, so we, Başûr Kurdistan women, should go to Rojava and support their resistance. ”

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