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Joint press conference of SDF, Syriac Military Council, Women Protection Forces Beth Nahrin

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the Syriac Military Council, and the Women’s Protection Forces the Syriac Beth Nahrin held a joint press conference on the Turkish aggression, during which it was confirmed that Turkey’s attacks threaten the Assyrians in Hawd al-Khabur and explained that these attacks were attempts to complete the Ottoman massacres and exterminate the rest of the peoples of the region.
The conference was held at the headquarters of the Syriac Military Council in Tel Tamr district of al-Hasakah canton by the spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Forces Kino Gabriel, the spokesperson of the Syriac Military Council Abjar Yacoub, and the spokeswoman for the Women Protection Forces the Syriac Beth Nahrin Nisha Korea, in the presence of dozens of Local and global media outlets.

The conference started with a speech by Kino Gabriel, who spoke in Syriac language and touched on the latest field and political developments in northern and eastern Syria after the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusra and ISIS invaded the region. He also assured that despite the agreements and understandings held in order to cease the fire and protect the civilians, while Turkey and its mercenaries continued to attack and target the civilians of all their components in northern and eastern Syria, and that the Syrian Democratic Forces, based on the principle of the legitimate right of defense, repelled the attacks to protect the people from the Turkish massacres.

Abjar Yacoub delivered a speech in Arabic saying, “The attacks and invasion of the Turkish occupation of northern and eastern Syria have caused great humanitarian disasters, where hundreds of civilians were victims of the Turkish bombing and left martyrs and wounded among civilians, in addition to inflicting significant damage to the infrastructure of the areas that were exposed to the Turkish invasion, while thousands of people displaced from their homes and lived in very bad conditions.”

Yacoub added, “Despite holding agreements between the United States and Turkey on the one hand and Russia and Turkey on the other hand to oblige Turkey to stop its attacks, Turkey did not abide by the terms of the agreement, although the Syrian Democratic Forces committed to all items to protect the people from the Turkish massacres. In the result of Turkey’s continued violations, the life of thousands of our Assyrian and Syriac people in al-Khabour or Tel Tamr and the survivors of the massacres perpetrated by ISIS mercenaries against them in 2015 are once again at great risk as a result of attacks by Turkey and the mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusra and ISIS with which they attack our villages, regions to exterminate our peoples.”

Yacoub continued, “We therefore call on the international community in general, Russia and America in particular to take responsibility to protect our people from extermination and displacement as they are parties in the agreements held with the Turkish occupation, and to force Turkey to stop its attacks and violations and leave the region in order to preserve the lives of our people.”

The spokeswoman for the Women’s Protection Forces Beth Nahrin, Nisha Korea, also delivered a speech and said, “There is a filthy plot by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries to exterminate our people in general and the Assyrian and Syriac women in particular. We do not forget the Sefo massacre committed by the Ottoman State in 1915 against our people, which left more than half and a million Armenian victims.”

Nisha added, “The attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on our areas today are nothing but attempts to complete the Ottoman massacres and exterminate the rest of our peoples on their historical land. This time they are targeting free women in particular. In 2015, ISIS mercenaries attacked al-Khabour villages and killed the Syriac woman Widad Dawood brutally, and today we see that Turkey has sent the same mercenaries to commit the same murder against the martyr Hevrin Khalaf.”

Nisha concluded, “We, as the Women Protection Forces of Syriac Beth Nahrin, renew the covenant to our people and all women that we will continue resisting and defending the land and the people on all fronts until the occupiers are defeated and driven out of our land.”

The press conference concluded by giving way for the media to ask questions and inquiries about the field and political situations, and they were answered by the spokesman of the SDF Kino Gabriel.

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