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Kongra star members: Turkish state’s mentality aims to eradicate women’s will

Kongra satr ‘s members said that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are targeting free women by attacking northern and eastern Syria.

“Turkey aims to suppress and annihilate the Kurdish people, revive ISIS and try to bring about demographic change in the region and eliminate the will of women,” Mezkin Golak said.

“The killing of politician Hafrin Khalaf, who was working to build a democratic future for the Syrian people, reveals what is the goal of the occupier.”

Amina condemned the crime of mutilation mercenaries with the body of fighter Amara.

For her part, Orifan Manan pointed out that “the ongoing attack on the civilian population aims to undermine the will of the people who belong to the thought and philosophy of leader Abdullah and Ocalan, especially women.”

“The mentality of the Turkish state does not accept a free woman, so we see them boasting about killing women and mutilation them,” said Zühriban Hussein.

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