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Red crescent demands to save wounded in Serêkaniyê,

The co-chair of the Kurdish Red Crescent, Jamila Hami, confirmed the presence of dozens of wounded and martyred civilians in the hospital and the homes of Serêkaniyê, stressing the need to open an urgent humanitarian corridor to save the injured.

“Yes, we were able today to evacuate about 30 wounded and 4 martyrs,” Jamila added. And there are still martyrs and wounded in Serêkaniyê hospital

The co –chair of the Kurdish Red Crescent to the magnitude of the humanitarian disaster left by Turkish occupation army’s brutal attacks, said: “We conducted visits to many places in Serêkaniyê and it became clear to us that the Turkish occupation army directly targets civilians.”

Jamila Hami called on humanitarian organizations to shoulder their responsibility towards the injured who are still in the town of Serêkaniyê, and stressed the need to open a humanitarian corridor to evacuate the remaining injured.

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