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TEV-DEM’s Yûsif urges people to stand up against Turkish invasion

Yûsif called on Kurds everywhere to join the protest against the Turkish invasion.

TEV-DEM Executive Board Member Foza Yûsif, joined the program “Aktuel” presented by Aysel Avesta on Jin TV and gave information about the recent attacks of the Turkish state.

Foza Yûsif called on Kurds, especially women, all over the world to ensure a bigger protection of the resistance of the people of Kurdistan.

Noting that the violent clashes continued in Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî Yûsif said: “Despite eight days of heavy attacks, Turkish soldiers and mercenaries have not advanced. Soldiers and mercenaries are in the process of disintegration, many of them flee leaving their fronts.”

Yûsif pointed out that international public pressures increased and added that a US delegation would go to Ankara, while diplomatic talks are underway in Moscow. “Turkey is carrying out all sort of crimes in our lands.”

Yûsif called on Kurds everywhere to join the protest against the Turkish invasion.

Stating that they are facing an extraordinary and dangerous process, the TEV-DEM Executive Board member made the following call: “All our people need to stand up. Just as our heroic fighters have been writing an epic of resistance, all people should stand up and protect this resistance. Our people should organize protests in front of consulates and UN buildings all over Europe, America and the Middle East. Our fighters need the support of the people, we should not leave them alone.”

Yûsif said: “As we have defeated ISIS, we will defeat the ISIS that Erdogan and his mercenaries are trying to reactivate.”


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