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Derik’s people: No to Turkey’s threats against our regions

Thousands of people from Derik have expressed their opposition against the Turkish threats to launch attacks in northern and eastern Syria.

Thousands of Derik people came to Azadi Square in the city to demonstrate against Turkish threats to occupy northern and eastern Syria.

Political parties, civil society organizations and people took part in the demonstration, starting from Azadi Square passing through the central market and the main streets of region, amid chanting slogans saluting the resistance of the SDF and the YPG

The demonstrators carried pictures of martyrs and children victims of the Islamic State war and the Turkish occupation, chanting slogans “No to the Turkish occupation”, “Long live the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces,” and “Long live the peoples’ fraternity.”

The demonstration turned into a mass rally in the central market in Derik amid the mothers’ slogans and slogans calling for the unity against the occupation.

the co-chair of the Derik District Council, Sahib Osman delivered a speech in which he said: “No to Turkish fascism and its mercenaries.”

Osman added, “The history of the Turkish occupation is known for its brutality and acts of annihilation of peoples. The peoples of northern and eastern Syria have no choice but to unite and escalate the struggle against these Turkish threats to occupy the area of ​​northern and eastern Syria.”

Shukri Hammu, the member of the political committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, said: “The people of northern and eastern Syria stand in one spirit in the squares and along the border against the Turkish occupation and its threats to occupy the region.”

The demonstration ended amid chanting slogans condemning the threats of the Turkish occupation and saluting the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

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