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Qamishlo’s people: We support SDF against Turkish invasion

Thousands of people of Al-Jazeera region demonstrated today condemning the ongoing Turkish threats to launch aggression on northern and eastern Syria, and affirmed their support for the SDF and the resistance against the occupation until the last breath.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to attack and occupy northern, eastern and Syrian areas. Today, thousands of people from Terbespiye district of Qamishlo canton demonstrated and expressed their full support for the SDF.

The demonstration began in front of Kongra Star Center in the east, during which the participants raised the flags of the SDF and the Movement of Democratic Society, carried banners reading “No to the New Ottoman” and “Long Live the Unity of the Peoples.” The crowds chanted slogans condemning the Turkish occupation and calling for resistance.

The crowds passed through the central market in the district amid the closure of all the shops and the participation of their owners in the demonstration.

Many speeches were delivered in the demonstration which indicated that Turkey wants to repeat the Afrin scenario, and bring its mercenaries to implement its occupation policy in the region.

The demonstration ended with chants emphasizing resistance and steadfastness.

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