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Demos against Turkish occupation’s threats

Thousands of Dêrik residents, members of civil society organizations, political parties and constituents of the region and Kongra Star took part.

The demonstrators gathered in Azadi Square carrying pictures of the martyrs and banners reading “Keep your land and dignity and defeat the occupation and ISIS.”

The demonstration started amid chants condemning the threats of the Turkish occupation, and the demonstrators headed towards Martyrs Square passing through the central market amid the complete closure of shops.

After the arrival of the demonstrators to the Martyrs’ Square, the demonstration turned into a mass rally amid slogans commemorating the resistance of the YPG and women and denouncing the practices of the Turkish occupation and its aides.

After standing a minute of silence, the manager at Kongra Star Manawir Khaled delivered a speech in which she saluted the resistance of women in the campaign launched under the slogan “Keep your land and your dignity and defeat the occupation and ISIS”, pointing out that the campaign continues until achieving its desired goal.”

“The Turkish occupation committed the most terrible massacres against Afrin canton and many areas in northern and eastern Syria. This barbarity is a continuation of the conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the plans being woven against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria.”

“The aim of the Turkish occupation is to eradicate the gains made by the blood of the components of the region that were mixed in one trench,” said Manawar Khalid. “It requires everyone to follow in the footsteps of the martyrs and escalate the struggle against Turkish fascism and its mercenaries.

The demonstration ended amid chanting slogans condemning the practices of the Turkish occupation, and salutes the resistance of the peoples of the region.

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