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Woman’s Committee in al-Raqqa… Achievements done, other in effect

The first annual meeting of women was held in the city of al-Raqqa in October 1, 2018, and accordingly the Department of Women in al-Raqqa Civil Council released several decisions for women, from literacy courses to opening agricultural and economic projects.

Consequently, the committee studied the projects and opened literacy courses for women of different ages, sewing factories and pastry bakeries in a number of al-Raqqa city and rural areas.

These projects primarily benefit widowed women, divorced women, mothers and wives of the martyrs, in an effort to secure a financial income for them to help their families.

Projects implemented …

The Woman’s Committee of al-Raqqa Civil Council started implementing its economic and agricultural projects in July 14, 2017.The first of its projects was the opening of literacy courses for women in Dir’iya in coordination with the Woman’s Committee in the Education Committee, which included 22 trainees and continued until the number of women graduates reached more than 200 in the city and its countryside.

In January 12, 2019, the first sewing project was opened in Al-Mashlab neighborhood after a two-month study and equipping the operator with sewing machines, embroidery and other accessories.

In addition, it opened other branches of sewing projects in Al-Khatuniya and Hazma districts and reached 72 women beneficiaries.

On the other hand, and in order to secure the daily sustenance of the mothers and wives of the martyrs, three pastry bakeries were opened in three months in coordination with the Basic Services Committee, within three districts in Al Firdous, Al Quwatli Street and Al Bayda Park under the supervision of the Woman’s Committee in al- Raqqa Civil Council.

Each bakery employs four women and the earnings from production are divided equally each week by 50% for each woman.

In response to the demands and affairs of rural women, an agricultural project was opened in May 29, 2019, which is a greenhouses in the area of ​​Raqat Samra, east of the city, where the cultivation of various types of vegetables and food plants, employing about 52 women, and benefit from it after the sale of vegetables in the city markets with a yield of more than 80%.

In this context, Hawar News Agency met with the administrator at the Woman’s office of al-Raqqa Civil Council, Fayrouz Khalil, who explained that the work last year was in its founding stage for women in terms of intellectual and awareness, and by 2019 there were several plans and projects to be implemented to support women’s economy.

“These projects have been implemented by 80%,” said Fayrouz. “In addition, women’s awareness sessions have been formed after the opening of the Women’s Community Center, which includes recreational programs, women’s kitchen, sports programs, sessions and seminars in which women from different categories participated. As different as the disabled, they have adapted to the community life within this center. ”

In addition, the center organizes activities for children and a kindergarten attached to care for children under six years. This program attracts about 100 women from al-Raqqa and its countryside and provides recreational care and comfort.

Fayrouz added “this project is one of the projects planned, where we signed a memorandum of understanding with the Women for Peace Association in order to restore smile to women and children who robbed them of the spirit of childhood and innocence.

Future studies and projects

After the success of these projects in the city, the Woman’s Committee in the city of al-Raqqa will go to the countryside and villages to study and implement other projects such as the opening of women’s salons and small agricultural projects.

To strengthen relations between working women and civil institutions, the Woman’s Committee will hold meetings and seminars on violence, sexual harassment, women’s management of their home and work, how to raise their children and keep them away from negative behaviors such as drugs and others.

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