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1st military academy of volunteers in Self-Protection Forces-Women opened

The opening ceremony was attended by a delegation of Self-Administration in northern and eastern Syria from the Euphrates and Jazeera regions, commanders of the Self-Protection Forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, the YPG, the Internal Security Forces, members of civil society organizations in Amuda and Qamishlo, and representatives of some political parties. In addition to attending the families of the members of the Academy.

The ceremony began with performing a military parade by the female participants, followed by taking the military oath in front of the audience.

This was followed by a speech by Amina Osei, a member of the Presidential Council of the General Council for the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, who said: “This academy, which opened today, is a blessed step in the history of women’s struggle, an important step at a time when we are discussing and calling for peace despite the threats, we affirm that we are peace advocates but we are always ready to face any threat to our land and our people. ”

It is worth mentioning that with the opening of the academy, the first training course for the Self-Protection Forces – Women, which will last for six months, during which they receive military training and intellectual and political lessons.

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