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As we defeated ISIS, we will defeat occupation as well

The campaign launched by the Department of Women in the areas of “al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa, Manbij and Deir-ez-Zor” under the slogan “We United … We Won … We will Resist … To Protect …No violence” a new stage of organizing events to diminish violence against women.

As part of the new phase of the campaign, the Young Women’s Union in al-Raqqa today issued a statement to the public that it would not accept slavery on women.

The statement was delivered in front of the headquarters of the Union of Young Women by the member of the Union, Razan Mohammed Ali, with attendance dozens of the Office of Women’s Education and members of the Department of Women in al-Raqqa and members of the Union of Young Women.

The text read:

On behalf of the young woman in al-Raqqa and its countryside, we condemn the Turkish occupation on the territory of northern Syria. We, the young woman in al-Raqqa, will not accept this fascist occupation on the lands of our ancestors. This occupation on our lands wants to occupy the democratic thought of women and sabotage the coexistence and brotherhood of peoples in northern and eastern Syria.

We are a young woman, as we have defeated ISIS from Syrian territory. We will defeat Turkish fascism from Syrian territory and stand against the fascist Ottoman occupation, because women are the basis of democracy and infrastructure in the expansion and development of societies. We will not accept injustice, slavery and the Turkish fascist state on the lands of Afrin and Idlib, because Syria is a symbol of the honor. As a young woman, we are ready to protect our homeland and resist for our freedom.

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