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Kongreya Star awareness initiative continues in Aleppo

The initiative began on 8 August under the slogan “Protect Your Land and Honor, Defeat ISIS and Occupation” after the threats of invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria issued by Turkey.

Kongreya Star members are paying home visits to families and organising public meetings. In Aleppo the women went to the boroughs of Şêxmeqsûd, Eşrefiyê and Benî Zêdê.

Reaching out to all sections of society

The delegation of women is meeting with families and people of all sections of the society and beside public meeting they make sure to note the opinion, criticism and suggestions made by the people they met with.

The delegation also inform people of the dangers connected with the threats issued by Turkey and its mercenary allies. Likewise they make people aware of the danger posed by ISIS sleeper cells.

Speaking to ANHA regarding the work carried out, Kongreya Star executive, Nehla Mistefa, said that they decided to add home visits to public meetings in order to get the highest number of suggestions, opinions, criticism.

“We carry out discussions by taking the criticism, suggestions and opinions of the people and thus we aim to find solutions to the problems. We cannot postpone the resolution of problems. Because obstacles in the organization of the people must be speedily overcome.”

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