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Torch march in Aleppo

Participants gathered in front of the center of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement in the western section of Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, holding pictures of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and the flag of the Young Women’s Movement.

The march started after the youth raised the torches and roamed the main streets of Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, chanitng slogans salute the resistance of Afrin, and the leader of Ocalan, and the struggle of women.

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement’s Administrative, Berivan Hanan, delivered a speech in which she affirmed that they would continue their campaign for aimed at protecting their country from any external threat or aggression, and would organize various activities until the end of the occupation and its threats to northern and eastern Syria and Afrin in particular.

The march concluded with chanting slogans condemning the Turkish occupation threats to the region.

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