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Forum of Clans’ Women Notables activates women’s role politically, socially

On September 1, the Women’s Department in al-Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and Manbij organized the first of its kind meeting under the slogan “we united, we won, we will fight to protect” on September 1 in Ja’abar Citadel in al-Tabqa, to denounce Turkish threats to the region.

During the meeting, the women called to stand united in the face of these threats to occupy the regions, as previously it occupied (Afrin, al-Bab, Azaz and Jarablus), and to emphasize the role of women in the tribes and clans in the political phase, in the presence of nearly 1,000 women from the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

Regarding the importance of holding the forum, the administrative director in the Women’s Department in al- Tabqa area ​​Zahra al-Hamada spoke to our agency. “With a big initiative from the women’s departments in the liberated areas, we organized the forum to emphasize the role of tribal women in peace and social reconciliation at this stage, and on the unity of the Syrian territories and the rejection of foreign interference and all forms of occupation,” she said.

Arab women reached thanks to the project of the democratic nation

Zahra pointed out that the forum was held as a result of the rejection by women in general, including tribal leaders of the region to Turkish threats and continued “condemned all the words in the forum Turkish threats, and called for the unity of Syria and the rejection of external interference and stressed the need for women’s freedom in the region.”

Regarding the allegations of the Turkish state, Zahra al-Hamada said: “The Turkish state aims to thwart the project of the democratic nation, displace the people and destroy the areas, because the stability of the regions in the north and east of Syria is not accepted by the policy and interests of the occupier, after the women have reached freedom, awareness and leadership in all fields thanks to this project.”

Zahra Al-Hamada, the administrative director of the Women’s Department of al-Tabqa region, concluded by saying: “The tribes’ women in the region explained their views on the political situation, and they made their voice heard to the society and contributed to ending the current threats by communicating their voices to international women’s organizations to achieve their demands, while the states are silent without any positions.”

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