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Avin Gomaa: Turkey commits degrading practices against women

On August 19, the Turkish authorities seized three municipalities in Amed, Mardin and Wan. These arbitrary measures witnessed demonstrations and condemned reactions in Bakur and Turkish cities, in addition to widespread condemnation in the international community where these cities were overwhelmed by demonstrations denouncing Turkish practices.

“The joint mayors of the people’s municipality of Bakur Kurdistan were democratically elected and the people expressed their will through these elections,” said Avin Gomaa, co-chair of Human Rights Organization in al-Jazira region.

Avin Gomaa noted that this did not appeal to the ruling Justice and Development Party, and issued a decision to seize the municipalities of Wan, Amed and Mardin “This procedure is unfair and contrary to all international laws governing community life and a violation of democracy, because they were democratically elected, and dismissing them under false pretexts is a violation of domestic and international laws,” she said.”

Turkey commits humiliating practices against women

Avin Gomaa explained that what is happening to the people in Bakur Kurdistan is a break to the will of the voters, and said: “In particular, the practices committed against women who are treated in a degrading and cruel manner, such as beatings, humiliation and imprisonment, because they refused their will to be broken, and expressed dissatisfaction with what is happening to the people.” .

The co-chair of the human rights organization in al-Jazira canton, Avin Gomaa, called on the United Nations and all human rights advocates to take decisive action to advance the democratic process in Turkey and to stop the violence and humiliation against women while expressing their opinion in demonstrations in the cities of Bakur Kurdistan.

The co-chair of the Human Rights Organization explained that the international community must put an end to the Turkish dictatorship.

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