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Women rejecting Turkish threats: We will stand up to the enemy

The reactions of the components of northern and eastern Syria continue to reject Turkish threats.

In this regard, the citizen Yazi Hasso from the resident of Ramilla neighborhood “The Turkish fascist state will not undermine the strength and determination of a free woman, we will not allow it to enter our land, every inch of the territory of Syria liberated with the blood and sacrifices of our martyrs, and we will be in the hands of young people, elders, children and women and we will stand up to the enemy wherever it exists.”

Raheema Suleiman condemned the Turkish threats against the north and east of Syria, “We will not allow Turkey to undermine our will,” she said.

“We as women are able to protect our areas and we do not need another country to protect us,” said Amina Adibou from al-Andalusia neighborhood.

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