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Kongra Star continues to support Afrini woman intellectually

In the framework of the Kongra Star campaign which was launched on August 10 under the slogan, ” Protect your Land, Your Dignity and Defeat Daesh and the Occupation,” Kongra Star works on raising the awareness of the women in the village of Tal Qerah of Ahres district of Al-Shahba canton by receiving an intellectual and awareness training courses.

In this context, Kongra Star opened the course which named ” Martyr Amara Qehrman Course” which has been started since the current August

19 and would last till August 28 joined by 50 women from Afrin who are living in Tal Qerah after the forced displacement from Afrin.

The trainees receive variety lessons as the “History of Kurdistan and the Woman, the National Protection , the Special Warfare and the Migration, the Culture and the Ethics, the Importance of the Training in the Life of the Woman and the Awareness of the Woman Law” in addition to explain and read the Kongra Star Organization’ Charter.

In this context, the member of Kongra Star, Amel Mohammed told ANHA that the aim of this trainings course to raise the awareness of the woman and expand its awareness of the freedom’s meaning and to limit of committing the violations against the woman in addition to let the woman to know about her history, her rights, and her duties.

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