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Kobani women undertake their duty to protect northern villages

In conjunction with the escalation of Turkish threats, and the Turkish military mobilizing on the border with Syria, residents of the north villages of Kobani canton along with military forces are fully ready to protect their villages from any possible Turkish attack targeting the areas of the canton along with other Syrian areas.

Maha Mohammed, she is from Elishar village east of Kobani, said that guarding villages is a duty to avoid any sudden attack by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, which targets border villages and may lead to massacres against villagers, as happened in Afrin and Şengal.

She went out with a number of women to protect her border village east of Kobani. “The Turkish occupation is seeking to spread its terrorist gangs in our areas under the pretext of establishing a buffer zone, “But we have seen the killings, exodus and looting by Turkish mercenaries against civilians in Afrin. We will stand up young and old to defend our right to live on this land liberated by martyrs’ blood.”

This comes after the Turkish border guards targeted a number of citizens in villages near the border, where a sniper operation from the Turkish side led to kill the child Maher Hassan, who is at 17 years old more than a week ago. As well as, Kaniwar Shahin of the village of Qara Mox was shot in his shoulder while he was working on his farmland near the border, in addition to the border villages almost daily fire from the Turkish side.

The Turkish occupation army is massing its military forces for the fourth consecutive week in the border areas with Syria, bringing huge military reinforcements in preparation for launching aggression attack on different areas of north Syria.

The Turkish threats were widely rejected by the people of north Syria who set up tents and human shields on the Syrian-Turkish border in several areas to express their rejection of any Turkish aggression.


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