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Hana: As we defeated IS by our strong will, we to defeat Turkish occupation

Dalia Hanan, member of the Kongra Star Coordination in Qamishlo canton, said in their campaign that they announced on 8 August that they launched this campaign under the slogan “Keep your Land and your Dignity from the Occupation and ISIS” to withstand the Turkish threats and the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and ISIS. It will be a response to protect our gains we have made by our will. ”

Dalia Hanan said that the campaign will start from 17 August.

The women of northeastern Syria will have a leading role, and as we defeated ISIS mercenaries by strong our will, which Turkey has been an exponential supporter, we will defeat the Turkish occupation as well,” said Hanan.

On the content of the campaign launched by the coordination of the Kongra Star, Dalia Hanan continued: “The campaign will include various events to deliver statements denouncing the Turkish threats, awareness lectures, and intellectual seminars on the danger of the Turkish occupation state, and how to protect their territory from terrorist operations carried out by ISIS mercenaries in our areas, In addition to technical events and organizing meetings for women at the level of northeastern Syria.

As Dalia said, as women, they must work day and night to break down the threats they face “and not to repeat what happened in Afrin and to stand united in the face of all occupiers.”

“Just as comrade Leyla Guven won on her hunger strike, we will win in our campaign against Turkish threats,” Hanan said.

Dalia added that the kongra Star Campaign will be the hand of supporting the human shields tents set up on July 18, in the cities of Kobani, Serêkaniyê GIRÊ SPî, and will encourage all women to participate.

In conclusion, Dalia Hanan appealed to all women in northeastern Syria to join the campaign and support it “to repel the threats of the Turkish occupation and to preserve the gains of the Rojava revolution.”



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