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PAJK’s Güneş: Women should rise up for change and freedom

Speaking on the Rojeva Jin program on Stêrk TV, Kurdistan Free Women’s Party (PAJK) Coordination Member Şimal Ülkem Güneş stressed that they are determined to counter any and all attacks against the Kurdish Freedom Movement alongside the people.

Remarking that they will never be intimidated by the Turkish state’s genocidal plans, Güneş said; “The enemy thinks they can eradicate the Kurdish Freedom Movement by means of intensified air raids and special war tactics. Such dirty plans can never succeed.”

Güneş pointed out that those forces that collaborate with and support the Turkish state are disturbed by the Kurdish people’s gains, their success to stand tall with their free will, and their unity. She emphasised that the Kurdish Freedom Movement remains determined to stand against all these together with people.

Pointing to tens of thousands of martyrs of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, Güneş said; “This is at the same time a struggle for honor and dignity.”

Remarking that all the people of Kurdistan should rise up, Güneş pointed out the campaign launched by the women’s organization with the motto “Stand up for change and freedom”. She added; “Women should rise up in the first place. The youth and women should play their role in society.”

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