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Following Daesh example in Şengal; Erdogan repeats it in Afrin

As the fifth anniversary of Şengal massacre that Daesh mercenaries committed approaches, the Yezidi women in Aleppo’s Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood denounced the massacre and confirmed that the massacre was aimed at smearing the Yezidi religion and erasing the history and culture of the Kurdish people.

Gulê Ghazala attributed the massacre against the Yazidi people in Şengal to goal of erasing the Yazidi religion and melting their ancient history, which extends to thousands of years.

“All that had been committed against the Yezidi people in Şengal is now repeated by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in Afrin and they are destroying the holy places in the Yazidi community, stealing the antiquities of the region, plundering their goods, abducting and killing the people,” she said.

Rania Jaafar condemned the massacres committed in Şengal, especially women, and called on all women to be vigilant against the violations and practices of the Turkish occupation state. “Women should be attentive to the practices of the Turkish occupation and to help the liberated Yazidi women.” she said.

While Newroz Ado confirmed that “genocide 74, which the Yazidis in Şengal were exposed to was aimed at erasing our history and culture and depriving us of performing our rituals, which scenario Erdogan is trying to repeat now in Afrin.”

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