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Delegation of Shengal’s Women: mercenary attacks did not undermine will of Yazidis

A delegation of women from the Shengal movement and the Women’s Protection Units – Shengal arrived in Rojava to participate in the forum, which will start on August 3 under the slogan “Protecting the Dignity of the Women is the Protection of the Existence of Women.”

In this context ANHA agency met with the member of the Women’s Movement Shengal Ahlam Haji, on the importance of joining the forum, which will take place on the third of August on the fifth anniversary of the massacre of Shengal and to talk about the organization reached by women.

“The Yazidi people have been subjected to many massacres, the most recent of which was the massacre witnessed when Daesh attacked, killing thousands of Yazidi people, abducting women and children and selling them in mercenary markets,” Haji said.

“Despite the presence of the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi government in Shengal, we did not have a role in protecting ourselves until we have been attacked by them, leaving us as prey to the mercenaries. We were subjected to massacres, but thanks to the People Defense Forces (HPG) who quickly responded to the call of the people, and liberated the families and took them to safe places, in addition to the role of the Women’s Protection Units – Shengal and the people to open a human corridor in Rojava for the Yazidi people.

We organized ourselves to avoid the massacre

“Thanks to the People’s and Women’s Protection Units HPG in Shengal, we have managed to organize ourselves in all areas, to avoid the massacres again against the Yazidi people,” Ahlam Haji said.

Ahlam Haji also noted that after the liberation of the Yazidi women and children by SDF during the military campaigns in the north and east of Syria, they were handed over to the Yazidi house, upon their arrival in Shengal, they face many difficulties in re-joining women and children into their society, so they send them to Başûr to be treated psychologically. ”

The Kurdistan Democratic Party is trying to empty Shengal of its people

Ahlam Hajji said that the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Iraq is sending the liberated Yazidis families outside the country and thus trying to empty the inhabitants of Shengal indigenous people.

“Thanks to the great efforts made by women in northern and eastern Syria, we can express our presence everywhere,” the fighter in the Women’s Protection Units Nawal Rabarin said.

“After five years of the Shengal massacre we witnessed, and after our liberation, we were able to organize and form a special military force, to avoid the Ferman 74 again,” Rabarin added.

Threats to the Yazidi people are still present by the Turkish occupation

“We, as the Women’s Protection Units, see that the threats against the Yazidi people are still present, especially by the Turkish occupation, which was the main supporter of mercenaries,” Rabarin said on the Turkey’s threats adding “We are ready to defend our land and protect our areas from Turkish threats.”

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