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Do not forget Shengal at 11 am on August 3

The biggest attack carried out by ISIS mercenaries in the Middle East was in Shengal. August 3 marks the anniversary of the Yazidi (Êzidî) massacre committed by ISIS in 2014 when the terrorist organization attacked Shengal, historical homeland of the Kurdish Yazidi community. Thousands of Yazidis were either killed, kidnapped or reduced to slavery. Prisoners were then taken to Mosul, Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, Tal Afar, Manbij, Girê Spi.

The Federation of Yazidi Women’s Assemblies in Germany, which declared August 3 “Global Day of Action Against Femicide”, has called on all women of the world to take to the streets on the anniversary of the Shengal genocide.

On this occasion numerous actions and events are organised across Germany under the lead of the Federation of Yazidi Women’s Assemblies.

The actions will begin with a minute of silence all around the world, at 11 am on August 3, in memory of all the women abducted or murdered by ISIS terrorists in Shengal. The kidnapped girls and women of the Yazidi community were subjected to all kinds of inhumane treatment including being sold on slave markets and suffering systematic rape by the jihadist terrorists.

The actions will highlight the tragedy suffered by Yazidi women and call for an end to femicide.

Action timetable on 3 August

Hamburg: 10.30 clock, Mönckebergstraße before Karstadt

Hannover: 13.30 clock, Central Station

Bielefeld: 10.30 clock, Town Hall

Wesel: 10.30 clock, Berliner Tor Square

Bremen: 10.00 am, at Marktplatz

Wilhelmshaven: 10.30 clock, Catholic Church of St. Mary

Celle: 10.30 am, Big Plan

Nuremberg: 11.00 clock, Hall Square

Walsrode: 10.00 am, Rathaus, Lange Str. 22

4th of August


Sulingen, 12.30 pm, Nienburger Straße 23


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