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“People of northern Syria rejects occupation”

Hundreds of people from Kobani and the women of the city of Manbij took part in the human shield operation that continues in the village of Qara Mugh on its 11th day, condemning the threats of the Turkish state to occupy northern and eastern Syria.

During the event, the administration of the Women’s Council in the city of Manbij Hala Hassan addressed the women’s solidarity with the women in the liberated areas, rejecting the Turkish occupation of northern and eastern Syria.

Hala Hassan stressed the need to unite in order to protect the gains and values ​​achieved by the blood of the martyrs, and to address all the attacks of the fascist Turkish state.

For her part, Nazifa Khelo the co-chair of the Executive Council in the civil administration in the city of Manbij said that the Turkish state is the first supporter of terrorism and wants to occupy these areas, just as it occupied Afrin and the rest of the cities of Syria.

Nazifa added that the Turkish state is trying to sabotage the concept of co-existence and the democratic nation project which is now applied in the north and east of Syria and that the people in northern and eastern Syria are aware of these policies followed by the Turkish occupation state.

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