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Kobani people: Turkey seeks to target our gains, victories

The human shields activities continue in the 9th day in al-Zyara village west of Kobani canton in which hundreds of people participated rejecting the threats of the Turkish occupation against the areas of North and East of Syria.

ANHA agency conducted an interview with the women who participated in the activities of the human shield.

Aisha Mohammed said: “We will not accept any power between us except our heroic forces and our children, and Turkey is a fascist state and does not stop its brutal practices, and what they do with the people of Afrin now of displacement and destruction and murder and looting in front of our eyes are an example.”

Aisha said that the Turkish state is trying to destabilize the region and is trying to target the gains of the people of the region, which was achieved with the blood of thousands of martyrs.

“We reject the safe area claimed by Turkey, and we have the strength and will, and we want Turkish state to stop its practices against our country,” the citizen Rodin Refat said.

“Turkey is seeking to occupy all safe lands in northeastern Syria. All the areas under Turkey’s control are now insecure, and we do not want our regions to become the same as in the occupied by Turkey,” the citizen Fadila Ali Mohammed said.


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