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A French film … tells about resistance of women against Daesh

The focus of the French film is the story of a battalion of fighters and volunteers who came from different countries of the world to face Daesh in northern Syria. Which will be presented on the 9th of October.

The film is the latest work of Caroline ,inspired by a true story. The film is about a Yazidi Kurdish woman named Zara, who was kidnapped and sold to a mercenary.

According to the film, Zara is finally able to escape from the grip of Daesh and join a battalion of internationalist fighter, called the “Snake Battalion”, which includes fighter from around the world.

Zara, the main character of the film, is acquainted with women from different countries, including Lina, Kniza, French-Algerian, African-American Clarice, known as the American Sniper, and Yale the French nurse of the Snake Battalion.

These women have different backgrounds and stories, united by one goal: to defeat a brutal organization involved in assaulting, enslaving and killing women and youth in the region.

Famous international actors including Dylan Goyn, Camelia Jordana, Yasmine Trinka, Razan Jamal, Mark Ryder and Gulshifah Farahani, an Iranian actress, are participating in the film.

Caroline gave the film to Kurdish fighters and volunteers from various parts of the world who have defeated mercenaries, calling it “the latest world war.” She said: “In recognition of their efforts.”

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