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Liberated areas’ women denounced Turkish threats

On Wednesday, the women of liberated areas in al-Raqqa, al-Tabqa, Deir-ez-Zor, Manbij launched a campaign against the threats of the Turkish occupation state that will occupy all areas of north and east of Syria. The first of its activities was on Wednesday evening in al-Raqqa through a statement announcing the start of the campaign which will include all women’s departments, as well as to participate the members of Future Syria party and the Youth.

In this context, a member of the Public Relations Department of the Women’s Department in al-Tabqa and the Women’s Department in north-east of Syria, Nadia Mohammed, said  “We will withstand against the Turkish occupation and support women in all areas of north-east Syria and condemn and strongly denounce the Turkish occupation in all its forms and we as women liberated areas of all the components and segments will withstand against this brutal occupation usurper who wants to restore the dominance of the Ottoman Empire on our regions and repeat what he did in the city of Afrin.

In her turn, a member of the Women’s Department in Deir-ez-Zor countryside Hiyam al-Ahmad pointed out that the women’s institutions will organize marches and sit-in tents in addition to distributing leaflets and posters to raise awareness of women and issue statements, “We will do all this to tell the Turkish state that after we have finished mercenary terrorism, we will not accept the return of the Ottoman Empire to Syrian territories.” she said.

The spokeswoman for the Women’s Council in Manbij Hala Hassan said “We as women have suffered from injustice by Daesh mercenaries for eight years from terrorism of Daes was the real face of the Turkish state, and we will not allow Turkey to attack our land.”


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