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Women’s Council denounces Turkish threats

Dozens of members of the Young Women Council and Women’s Councils gathered in al- Hossan town in the western suburb of Deir ez-Zor  to participate in the reading of the statement.

The statement was read by a member of the Council of Young Women, Leila Al-Ahmad, who said:

“Today, after 100 years, many wars have been fabricated, but they are not as they were previously known as a global war in which the countries share their armies. But the difference here was the wars that became proxy and therefore the work was done to create the so-called Daesh the agent of the imperialist states of chauvinism and fascism, but they did not think that there would be a liberation movement that pursues democracy and follows the decentralization, freedom and the peoples fraternity, which broke their plans to restore Ottoman power to the Middle East.

“After 2018, the defeat of their first agent(Daesh) achieved by the will of the people. After the fall of masks, the Turkish fascism, intervened  in the war itself and now it continues to threaten and threatened the rest of the gains of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria and try to hit what they have achieved the establishment of Democratic Administration.

The statement concluded by saying: “Based on the above we as the Council of Young Women declare our uprising against the Turkish occupation and will not stand idly by and we will respond strongly to anyone who seeks to break the will of people heading for freedom and we will stand in the face of anyone who wants to occupy areas of northern and eastern Syria”.


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