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Women’s Council Coordination approves formation of constitutional , legal committee

The regular meeting of the Coordinating Committee was held at the headquarters of Kongra Star Conference in the city of Qamishlo, in the presence of all members of the Committee, and began by holding a minute of silence in honor of the martyrs’ lives and the memory of the 19 July Revolution.

During the meeting, the attendees discussed the latest political developments on the Syrian arena in general and the north and east of Syria in particular, including the repeated Turkish threats to the north and east of Syria and the continuation of the Turkish occupation state with its inhuman practices and systematic violations in Afrin of killing, kidnapping, robbery and demographic change, as well as international silence.

Then, they discussed the situation of women in North and East Syria and their pioneering role in organizing and raising awareness in all aspects of life and emphasizing the importance of organizing women and preserving the gains achieved by their struggle.

They evaluated the organizational situation of the council and its work during the previous period and put forward proposals for a work program for the next phase, including holding women’s meetings at the level of North and East Syria on the Charter of the Council of Women.

The committee also decided to form two committees “the first one to discuss the vision of the Women’s Council in North and East Syria regarding the future constitution of Syria and guarantee the rights of women in it, and the second is a legal committee to study the law of women and how to develop it at the level of north and east of Syria.”

The coordination stressed at the meeting the need to formulate a political vision that would serve as a road map for the political solution to Syria.

The meeting concluded by stressing the importance of supporting women and society to the council in order to achieve these principles and objectives.




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