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Young Woman Union organized Martyr Stervan Festival in Kobanî

The Young Women’s Festival in Kobanî, organized by the Woman’s Union of the canton, was launched today in the Kobanî forest of the city.

The festival began with delivering a number of speeches, including the speech of  administrative in Kongra Star, Almaz Al-Romi, in which she celebrated the anniversary of the July 19 Revolution in Rojava, and appealed to Kurdish women and all women of the world to expand women’s participation in the management of society and to organize themselves and take their place in all spheres of life.

Followed by a speech on behalf of the Women’s Protection Units(YPJ) by Mzubin Kobanî, who blessed the Kurdish women and all women in northern and eastern Syria and praised the victories achieved by women in the July 19 Revolution, and called to step up the struggle to free all women and protect them from all forms of injustice.

After the speeches, the festival began with several performances.

The festival will be held at 10 pm on Monday. The festival is expected to take place in the cities of al-Tabqa and Qamishlo in the coming days.


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