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“Women’s Forum” calls for participation of women in writing constitution ending Turkish occupation

The women’s dialogue forum, which began yesterday at the cultural center in al-Tabqa under the slogan “Women in Times of Conflict, Reality and Prospects”, concluded with the participation of more than 200 women from all regions of northern and eastern Syria.

The decisions reached by the dialogue forum

• Calling on the international community to shoulder its humanitarian responsibilities by putting an end to the Turkish intervention in the Syrian, Iraqi and southern Kurdistan territories, and to remove them from all the occupied territories committing war crimes against humanity.

• Demanding the establishment of courts of an international character to hold mercenaries of Daesh accountable in the territory of northern and eastern Syria as they have committed crimes against humanity, especially  the Yazidi women.

• Participation of women in North and East Syria in drafting a new constitution for Syria to guarantee their rights in equality and citizenship.

• Supporting all women affected by the wars, both morally and financially, in northern and eastern Syria and Shangal women.

• raise the awareness and education campaigns through holding several forums and training courses that target all segments of the society for women and men.

• Work on the rehabilitation of children intellectually through schools, and the planting of democratic thought, which provides for a free life and eliminate the extremist thought planted by mercenaries.

• Developing women’s economic projects in order to activate their economic role.

• Work to enact laws for women in liberated areas that guarantee their rights and freedoms.

• Support of Afrin women in particular against the Turkish occupation.

• Conducting extensive awareness campaigns to reduce the marriage of minors.

• Work on transferring the democratic experience and revolution that women experience in the north and east of Syria to other women in the regional and then to the world.



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