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Events of expanded forum for women in al-Tabqa initiated

In order to discuss the reality and suffering experienced by women during the war years and the practices of the Syrian’s regime and Daesh mercenaries, and opposition’s factions against women’s right, the Forum of Women’s Extended Dialogue is being held in the Cultural Center of al-Tabqa, Under the slogan” Women at the Time of the Reality of the Conflict and Prospects”, and the forum begun by holding minutes of silence.

Our agency (ANHA) obtained the program for the first day, where the first day is scheduled to include two topics, the first day will focus on the suffering of women in Euphrates region before and after liberation and touched upon the most prominent moral and physical violations suffered by women during the period of control of the regime in the north and east of Syria, then the practices of mercenary factions and Daesh, where the women have severely suffered from the violations, and most of them had been kidnapped to be sold in slavery markets in particular Şengal women.

The second topic will discuss the issue of women in the Middle East and the solutions to reduce the domination of women, and short film will be shown in which highlighting on the violations that women were exposed to in the previous periods before liberation.

The activities of the first day of the forum will end with cultural and entertainment presentations held at the archaeological castle Jaabar.

And the events of the second day it is supposed to be continued to discuss the theme of “Women’s Resistance and the Need for Self-Defense,” and then wrap up the forum with outputs that summarize what has been achieved during the discussions on the three topics mentioned above.


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