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Huda Kaya: Women will play prominent role in trying of mercenaries

In an interview conducted by ANHA with Huda, she said, “in fact, we can deal with the complex problems in such forum which is fruitful.”

She said that discussing the emergence of Daesh and its spread and ideology is something important adding, ” in fact the danger of Daesh has not ended yet, because many countries have sent about 85,000 mercenaries to the north and east of Syria and turned this area into a capital of Daesh, this was happened in the support of some regional countries.

The Daesh mercenaries targeted the Kurds, the women especially

In this context Huda said the mercenaries of Daesh mercenaries targeted the Kurds, especially the woman, but the mercenaries of Daesh were defeated militarily, no one expected this even Turkey, the main reason for defeating the mercenaries of Daesh was the woman’s struggle.

The Autonomous Administration provides livelihood, despite the limited potential, to more than 100,000 mercenaries and their families

There are tens of thousands of detainees and tens of thousands of their children and women, for example, Turkey says we have a large number of refugees and we provide their livelihood,” Huda said, adding that the administration in northeastern Syria provides the livelhood despite the limited potential for more than 100,000 mercenaries and their families, and there are hundreds of thousands of displaced people, will the situation continue? Off course No.”

Everyone has to bear the burden

“The war crimes were committed and the women were kidnapped and assaulted, and as a result of these attacks there were children, families were massacred the cities destroyed, mercenaries must be tried for all these crimes,” Huda said.

“International public opinion should think about all these crimes committed and how they can be tried to avoid their repetition,” she said

The resistance of women and their role in defeating Daesh is an epic

Huda stressed that many people had made efforts to win over Daesh, but the resistance of women was an epic in itself: “We live on a daily basis at the moment when male mentality thinks we have been eliminated, women show their strength to prove they are able to re-create themselves. We see this in Rojava again and the whole world saw it.”

Women will play a prominent role in the trial of mercenaries

Just as women have played a prominent role in the fight against Daesh and showed great resistance, the women will play a similar role in the trial of mercenaries.

“But we see women playing their roles at all levels, and I am absolutely confident that women will play their role in the trial of mercenaries,” she concluded.



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