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Kongra Star commemorates struggler Zilan

In conjunction with the anniversary of the martyrdom of Zilan, the Kongra Star Coordination released a written statement saying that the activist Zilan has become a symbol of struggle for all women of the world.

“In 1996, in the face of the conspiracy that targeted the leadership, she took a courageous stance and exploded her body as a reflection of the spirit of the age, turning her body into knowledge and awareness for victory and rewriting history. Her spirit and mind united in carrying out her guerilla operation, and she achieved the moment of freedom and attained the crown of the immortality of the gods. she also became Manifesto for the struggle for freedom for all women of the world. ”

The statement added “she understood the truth of her enemy, the reality of slavery and the oppression of her people, and she gave the victory and freedom to her people, and she has become aware of her presence through the presence of her leader and her people, and has become an approach to resistance, dignity, love and philosophy of free life. In this way, we must evaluate and see the truth of the gods of the age. ”

And the statement concluded “On the basis of these facts, we, on behalf of the Kongra Satr Conference, commemorating our comrade Zilan, and in conjunction with the anniversary of her martyrdom, we seek to strengthen the organization and struggle of free women, build a free life and pledge to create thousands of Zilan on the road to building a free and democratic society.

And to follow the leadership approach of the gods through the organization of free women. In conjunction with the anniversary of the martyrdom of the activists Zilan and all the martyrs of the struggle for freedom and democracy, we pledge our time for the martyrs to continue their approach. 


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