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We must act according to Ocalan’s message.

After more than 200 days of resistance by the co-chair of the Democratic Society Conference and MP of the Democratic Peoples’ Party in Julêmêrk city, Leyla Guven and hundreds of hunger strikes demanding to lift isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan his lawyer and his family managed to meet him. The Kurdish People’s Leader, Abdullah Ocalan, sent a message, including many things in which urging the women to create revolutions to combat violence and reducing the marriage of minors.

In this regard, the administrator of the Kongra Star Conference of Afrin canton, Fatima Suleiman pointed out that Ocalan ‘s message is positive and aimed at solving crises in the Middle East.

Fatima noted that, like all times, Ocalan’s message, urging the co-existence of all components,” By virtue of philosophy of the leader and his constructive ideas which have the ability to resolve the crisis throughout the region, and on this basis we must escalate the struggle and work on his guidance to reach a free society.”

And continued “The Kurdish People’s Leader, Abdullah Ocalan, every time he urges the freedom of women and rid them of masculine mentality that deprived them freedom and deprivation of rights, and in his last letter also urged to reduce the marriage of minors and the killing of women.

The administrator of the Kongra Star Conference in Afrin, Fatima Sulaiman urged women to follow the instructions of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan to reach a free and moral society in which women enjoy their rights and to intensify activities to combat violence against women and the marriage of minors.

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