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Syrian Women’s Council will be the means to communicate the voice of women to the world’

On June 14, the founding conference of the Women’s Council was held in North and East Syria, which resulted in 17-member committee. On the sidelines of the conference, our agency checked the views of some women participating in the conference and the role that this conference can offer women.

On behalf of the Circassian component, the co-chair Circassian Society in Manbij City, Hind Dagestani, stressed that holding such a conference is a good step and a strong impulse to enable women to play their role more in all areas of life.

“We see that women are still subjected to all kinds of pressure and oppression of their rights, especially in an era of occupation, which tried to break the power of women, so that through this conference, women will be able to stand in the face of any kind of injustice to expose it, and can demonstrate the inherent strength, and liberate her thought. ”

The conference is a wonderful initiative, and the council will include all women

A member of the Syriac Union and the young woman’s representative Marianna Issa described the conference as a “wonderful initiative” because it includes all the components of North and East Syria and contributes to the support of women to each other and encourages every woman to play her role in all economic, social and political fields.

“The conference discussed important work and projects and will have a positive impact on women and will be supportive of them in the Middle East in general and in northern Syria in particular,” she said.

Mariana Issa stressed that one of the goals of the conference is to help all women in all aspects, especially intellectually.

As for the Chachane participation, Nora Zeer, congratulated the women of the world on the convening of the conference and stressed that it has a strong impact, as women will realize through the council that there is support for them in which they will be able to continue the struggle.

Nora drew attention to the influence of the council’s formation on the Chachane women and said: “Chachane women know that they are not mixed up in society and that such a conference and the formation of the council will make Chachane women more involved and play their role more in all areas of life.


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