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‘Syrian Women’s Council Forum was source for women who were subjected to war in name of religion’

 On June 20, the Syrian Women’s Council held a forum in the presence of 150 participants from all components of the Syrian people.

During the forum with the Hawar news agency  conducted an interview with the spokeswoman of the Syrian Women’s Council in Aleppo, Haifa Hassan, who was one of the participants in the forum, she pointed out that the convening of the forum and the topic of “Women and religion, the dialectic of arbitrariness and liberation” was important for discussion in this period. The women were the most affected in this space, where they applied religion to women in a way that reduces the role of women in life and marginalizes their presence in society.

“The forum tackled issues related to the liberation of women from religious and dialectical terms especially that the current stage is accurate and sensitive. There is a great influence of religion on women and it is becoming a way to fight the Syrian people,” she said. Syrian women, especially women, surrendered to the religious policy exercised against them, and this was clear to the women of Daesh advocates who are still influenced by the doctrine of Daesh mercenaries.

Haifa stressed that the forum was a positive step, and included the women of Syria in all their components made the discussions women get rid of the concern set by the customs and traditions of society as well.

She pointed out that the areas occupied by mercenaries were the most affected women, where mercenaries have defamed of the teachings of the Islamic religion according to their interests and policies hostile to the interest of the Syrian people.

At the end of her speech, Hassan said, “The exchange of views and discussions of the forum were rich in substance and there will be a continuation of this forum to deepen the discussion further, and as women of the Syrian Women’s Council will continue their approach to reach every woman who is still suffering from injustice to unite Women with each other and have a role in building a free and democratic Syria.

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