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Lina Berkat: Dialogue forum to be platform for more serious forums

A dialogue forum was held yesterday by The Syrian Women Council in Ain Issa District under the slogan,” The Women and the Religion …Dialectic of Authoritarianism and Liberty ” where more than 150 women joined the  forum of the councils and the women organizations and the parties and the women in the North and East of Syria, where 2 basic axis were discussed ” the reality of the woman amid the religious authoritarianism  and its reflects and the other axis was the renewing reading the religious text radically and the solutions prospects.

To talk on the importance of holding these forum and the topics put forward during the forum, our reporters have conducted an interview with Lina Berkat who addressed and focused on participating the women by removing the effects the religious radicalism and involve the women in making decision and setting the constitutions that guarantee the rights of the women and it activity in the society.

Lina Berkat said, ” the woman can fight the poverty and the unemployment and achieve a decent life if she granted  freedom of thought and using the soft powers, to depend on itself and to not be exploited in this field.”

Berakat pointed out that extremism does not belong to a particular society or group, it is a scourge that affects most societies, which helps terrorism to emerge in these areas.

She said that the Women’s Council has benefited from several proposals during the forum to be discussed in future forums, highlighting the topics raised in terms of breaking into the religious issue and discussion by the audience, which shows understanding of the religious texts in relation to them.

She concluded by saying that this forum is the beginning of other forums in the same context, “combating extremism” but will discuss other topics more deep and serious.

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